Bridge Tolls Approach a2b shuttle Fares

tollOk, so that’s a bit of a stretch.

But we can take solace that this news about tolls won’t fix the traffic problem overnight.  (And whether it can generate a cash pile big enough to tackle the problem in a systemic way. )

While our band aid methodology of a conveyor belt of commuter aircraft in the sky is not optimal, it has been shown to work.  Like a damn good band aid.  And when the future sky is darkened with the eVTOL flavor du jour, we’ll be ready with our people (yes, even pilots!) infrastructure, regulatory authority and a business that can make it work, churn a modest profit and get people to and from Palo Alto in a sane way for a bit more than the vanpool you just endured.

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Adam Webster

Electric aviation, renewable energy and beneficial bacteria are some of my favorite friends.

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